Women Everywhere Can Lead - Serving Girls in Sierra Leone and Across the Continent of Africa

Who We Serve

A young girl in Sierra Leone struggles against vast challenges to stay in school and avoid early pregnancy and marriage. Her value as a human being, a professional, a decision maker and a potential leader is not valued. Our goal is to change this narrative.

Challenges to Overcome

Teen age Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Thousands of Girls Suffer Sexual Exploitation

High School Dropout

High School Dropout

Completion of Secondary School Remains a Challenge for many girls. Especially those from poor homes who live in rural areas.

Early Marriage

Early Marriage

Due to poverty lack of education and cultural norms child

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders who are able to impact every area of society across the continent of Africa.

Our Vision

We envision a world where EVERY girl receives a quality education and her inherent potential is fully realized.

Founder - WE Can Lead

“I grew up with a sense that anything and everything is possible! Quite simply, I believed I could lead. I want to foster that same confidence in other young girls.”

Founder & President


More than one quarter (28%) of adolescent girls age 15-19 are already mothers or pregnant with their first child


of girls of secondary school age are out of school.


The median age at first marriage for women is 18 years.