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Girls' Empowerment Clubs

Girls' Empowerment Clubs

Safe spaces are created for girls to convene and learn critical life skills (such as financial literacy, critical thinking and good health practices), build self-esteem, self-awareness, and develop leadership skills that will enable them to be confident, influential decision-makers among their peers, households, communities and even country.

The groups are led by trained facilitators who serve as positive role models. They play a critical role in our efforts to provide tailored support for girls to stay in school and be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.   Upon completion of the first year, girls will have the opportunity to apply for our Young Leaders Development Program.

Young Leaders Development Program

Our YLDP consists of two workshop models, Achievers and Leaders.  Our Achievers meet monthly to continue to grow their academic and leadership skills while our Leaders meet weekly for more intensive hands-on leadership development.  In addition to these workshops, our Inspirational Speakers Series gives girls the opportunity to hear from women who are leaders in their community and around the world.  

Finally, W.E. Can Lead will provide increased support to exceptional girls who have completed four years of the program to enable them to actively work towards their goals of pursuing higher education or starting their own businesses, and becoming positive, influential leaders.

Young Leaders Development Program

Here's a closer look at our curriculum

Age 12-14

Life skills education to be healthy, understand thier bodies and communicate thier needs.

Age 14-16

Advanced communication skills
to negotiate for thier needs, basic financial, leadership and decision making skills.

Age 16-18

Advanced leadership abilities
and support to pursue their education/career goals.